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by The Circular Ruins

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Convective Occurrences
Convective Occurrences thumbnail
Convective Occurrences Simply wondrous and exceptional! Favorite track: Pathways.
Gav Hurst
Gav Hurst thumbnail
Gav Hurst every track is awesome !!!!
big fan of apk since the early days.
and thanks again for signing a copy of this Anthony. :)
all the best with your future releases.
Jaja thumbnail
Jaja For me the best album in years. Music that makes me look outside the window, thinking about the pictures I see, sharing the sad feel of being a human in this cosmic world.
Richard Gürtler
Richard Gürtler thumbnail
Richard Gürtler "Pathways" double album is an all-intensive, 114 minutes long creative accomplishment by The Circular Ruins, which certainly requires a deeply dedicated ear, but as soon the total immersion is achieved, the magic is fully unfolded and Anthony Paul Kerby perpetually delivers his infinite mastery in embellishing his soundscapes with earmarking crystalline curiosities. I won't hesitate to say "Pathways" is another milestone in applauded discography by Anthony Paul Kerby!!!
patient_ot thumbnail
patient_ot Another great release from APK, this time a massive double album with lots of depth and variety. There are some subtle rhythms at certain points that I really enjoy, as well as ambient drift, gliding keyboard melodies, quiet drones, sudden swells of sound, and even some factory-esque industrial moments here and there. It's a lot to take in but manages to be engaging throughout. Highly recommended.
John Cratchley
John Cratchley thumbnail
John Cratchley "Obscure destinies" and "curious experiences"...perfect epithets for this music, I think. It is my experience that not many journeys in life are linear (as we are taught from an early age in the West) and much of what we do mysteriously retraces existing experiences whether we will or no...the labyrinth can also be seen/used as a meditational process, I believe (i'm thinking of Chartres) and this music fulfils that purpose very well.
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Additional album tracks in the download :

11. A Curious Memory - 3:18
12. Multiple Destinations - 11:25
13. Wait and See - 6:07
14. Captive - 9:27

Physical 2 CD album released on the Databloem label in Holland, late 2016.

"Looking back on 15 years of Databloem, thoughts of gratitude and admiration go out to Anthony Paul Kerby, who has been an inspirational and ever helpful mastermind and mentor for the label and its artists. We can still feel the excitement of releasing his The Circular Ruins debut CD album 'Realm of Possibility', back in 2002. From there Tony has taken his sound and composition skills to higher skies and has been very active the past decade, spreading his ambient explorations through his own dataObscura label. Last year we asked APK if he was willing and able to create another masterpiece for Databloem.... so he did and here it is, a storytelling Ambient work of complex beauty, spread over 2 Discs."

“This collection of pieces was conceived around a constant theme, maybe an obsession, of mine: traveling as though in a labyrinth. Pathways that have no certain destination but lead you into fascinating new vistas and obscure destinies, bringing something new at each turn. And yet those new turns are somehow familiar, as though you were walking in circles. This is not a work of dark electronica for a lost age, it is a work of exploration and light that reveals layers and details of unseen landscapes and curious experiences, that feel like memories, by taking you down pathways you may have missed in your life. The pieces drift between joy, contentment, and the mystery and sadness that being human entails. Enjoy.” APK


released January 21, 2017



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DataObscura Ontario

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