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Night Vision

by Nunc Stans

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Additional album tracks in the download :

8. Navigation Beta - 6:12
9. Sea of Tranquility - 6:28
10. Parallel Universe - 3:13

Long-awaited second release from Nunc Stans. Full of rich and absorbing atmospheres and subtle details. A totally engaging dossier of sweeping atmospherics, sonic curiosities, and the existential depths and mystery of the night sky.

"I just got the new Nunc Stans disc, and I must say it's terrific, though quite a departure from the previous effort. This new one is built on deep, dark, and dense drones-- a bit reminiscent of Oophoi, but with some crucial differences. For one thing, it's more 'active' than an Oophoi disc; subtle streams of sound both underneath and over the top, sometimes just on the threshold of hearing (the disembodied voices are a nice touch!). Also, there's a definite sense of forward movement, as opposed to Oophoi's back-to-the-womb timeless suspensions. The mood is deep and reflective, sometimes somber, and always relaxing. There are even hints of (gasp!) melody, in places. I'd call it 'space music' for sure, but it's never cliche'd, and the constantly evolving perimeter sound-effects keeps it fresh. Wonderful album! Headphones are highly recommended." Joe Rygwelski - Hypnos Forum

"Nunc Stans produces a frost-flecked music that has about it a healthy flux of thermal energy, as of ice warmed by sun. It also comes heavy with an air of melancholia, an almost-alienation engendered by a sense of insignificance in the face of the overwhelming void." Alan Lockett / igloo mag

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released December 1, 2006



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